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Pat Buchanan: Bush-Cheney to blame for Iraq, not Obama

/ June 21, 2014 Tweet Email

Pat Buchanan reax to Dick Cheney’s recent trolling…

The truth is, that the war that Dick Cheney and George W. Bush and the neocons brought to this country and put in place is coming to a disaster- and the disaster is occurring on the watch of Barack Hussein Obama.

I don’t think Obama’s responsible for it. I do think the country agrees we oughta get out of Afghanistan. We oughta get out of Iraq.

I think it’s odd that they would try to blame Barack Obama for something that he didn’t start and something he tried to end.

I differ slightly with Pat Buchanan in that, I would have at least considered the possibility of Carthage-ing Afghanistan and Iraq in the days immediately following 9/11.

But in every other way, I concur entirely.

Rand Paul seconds Buchanan’s emotion.

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