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Pat Buchanan: “Bush and the neocons” to blame for Iraq crisis

/   June 14, 2014 Tweet Email

We don’t have a vital interest in Iraq, and when the Status of Forces Agreement was denied– he did what he had to do, which was get out, and come home.

Should we have gone in, in the first place? No!

We wouldn’t be in this mess, John, if we hadn’t gone in there under Bush and the neoconservatives and, frankly, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

To avoid future quagmires, MFP presents the MFP Doctrine:

(1) If we are unwilling to firebomb cities into rubble– as we did in Germany and Japan– then vital national interests are probably not really at stake.

(2) Post-World War II-esque nation-building– which requires the total subjugation of the local populace– is no longer feasible, given America’s:

  • Lack of social cohesion
  • Increasingly polarized political landscape
  • Willingness to criticize the war effort
  • Cellphone videos
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