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Michael Savage: Lazy firefighters set fires to justify their pensions

The nerdy little sister from “Modern Family” looks like this now

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Michael Savage: Charles Krauthammer is “overrated”, people “confuse his dour looks for intelligence”

/   June 5, 2014 Tweet Email

On Wednesday, Charles Krauthammer came out in favor of the Bergdahl prisoner swap. Savage reax…

Charles “Sauerkraut” of Fox News– a man I’ve not been impressed with– I think he’s way overrated. Because of his sad demeanor, people think he’s intelligent. They confuse his dour looks for intelligence. They think somehow if you’re depressed-looking, you’re smart.

But finally, he’s shown his true colors, “Kraut”.

Video referenced above…

It’s a difficult decision, and I would not attack those who have done otherwise.

For the record, MFP has also endorsed the Bergdahl prisoner swap

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