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Heartache: Glenn Beck calls Vladimir Putin’s perfectly sensible anti-gay laws “hetero-fascism”

Earlier this year, Vladimir Putin enacted a number of perfectly reasonable measures, intended to protect Russian children from the tyranny of the cultural Left, including:

  • Ban on adoption by gay couples.
  • Ban on adoption by single parents.
  • Ban on pro-gay propaganda at schools.
  • Ban on pro-gay propaganda in media.
  • Police power to detain those disseminating gay propaganda.

Now– because you are a God-fearing, patriotic American– you’re probably thinking:

Oh, cool!

But Glenn Beck doesn’t think so.

In an appearance on CNN, Beck went on a heterophobic tirade– referring to Russia’s pro-family legislation as “hetero-fascism”…

Russia’s so-called persecution of gays is no more abhorrent than China’s one-child policy, or the appropriate ban on women drivers in many Muslim nations– yet for some reason (Satanic influence) it is the target of disproportionately intense criticism and scrutiny.

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