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Rand Paul continues to reap rewards from sucking up to the GOP establishment: Falls to 4th nationally


Handy Chart shows how Karl Rove stole millions of dollars from gullible GOP contributors

By MFP  December 27th, 2013

The embezzlement scheme illustrated above is common practice in Washington D.C.

If you’ve ever wondered why GOP strategery seems like it’s been outsourced to an Indian call center– it’s because it has

Lyme Disease: A Massive Epidemic Threatening Virginia

Instead of hiring professionals, Rove funnels hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions to fraudulent ad companies fronted by his cronies– charging the same outrageous rates or ads and “strategies” produced by unpaid interns.

The profits are then funneled back into Rove’s pockets in the form of gifts and reimbursement for “consulting”.

Karl Rove doesn’t lose elections because he’s incompetent– he loses elections because he doesn’t care.

The purpose of this embezzlement scheme isn’t to win– it’s to launder money.

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