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Gestapo officer Mike Rogers is worried the Obamacare website doesn’t adequately protect users’ private data

Bwahahaha: Joe Scarborough claims Obamacare wasn’t Obama’s idea

WouldI can’t think of an appropriate headline for this article

Sail to the Caribbean with the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes for just $5,142!

by MP December 3, 2013 Tweet Email

Ever wanted to be stuck on a cruise ship with authoritarian, statist neocons– William Kristol, Fred Barnes, Stephen Hayes, Hugh Hewitt, and their sycophantic followers? Now you can!

Book a cabin on The Weekly Standard Cruise for as low as $5,142!

The Weekly Standard’s seminars, social events, port charges, government taxes, fees, and your gratuities are included in this cruise pricing.

The Wind Surf cruise ship holds 150+ cabins. With Outlook 2014 prices ranging from $5,142 to $25,000— Bill Kristol stands to earn in the vicinity of $1-3 million, for dispensing such wisdom as…

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