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RINO dirtbag Sean Duffy attacks Ted Cruz again

/ October 21, 2013 Tweet Email

Wisconsin Republican and former reality show star Sean Duffy is an utterly contemptible, unprincipled opportunist who came to Washington with no purpose other than to collect his paltry $174k salary.

Recently, Duffy has embraced the role of establishment attack dog— as he seeks to parlay his unimpressive political career into punditry via trashing conservatives– ala Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace

You know, he’s been able to raise a lot of money and draw a lot of attention to himself. But in the end, we didn’t win this fight. And this was his strategy!

You may recall that in 2011, Sean Duffy whined to constituents about his $174,000 congressional salary…

In keeping with his authoritarian, statist ideology– Duffy proceeded to threaten websites that published the video with legal action.

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