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Mike Huckabee to Rand Paul: You’re a real statesman, unlike that Ted Cruz guy

By MFP  October 2nd, 2013

On the maximum sleep number setting, aka The Mike Huckabee Show– Huckaphony decried name-calling in politics.

But not name-calling by the Obama regime– who repeatedly slander the Tea Party as “hostage takers”. Or Peter King, who referred to Ted Cruz as a “governmental terrorist”.

Instead, Huckaphony chastised conservatives who mock Republican moderates as “RINOs”…

Let me just commend you for not engaging in a lot of the name-calling– calling Republicans who disagree with you ‘squishes’ and ‘RINOs’.

In, before Huckaphony claims to have been speaking metaphorically.

Flashback: Huckaphony defends RINOs

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