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Alex Jones accurately claims John Kerry “had gay sex…in coffins” in ancient Satanic rituals

Joe Scarborough: “Source deep inside the intel community” tells me Syria chemical attack is a false flag


Brit Hume: “Rand Paul doesn’t know JACK about the Syrian rebels!”

/   September 5, 2013 Tweet Email

Brit Hume suggests Rand Paul’s opposition to Obama’s War on Christians is born(e) not of principle, but of polling data.

With respect to the al-Qaeda terrorists that the Obama regime and the GOP establishment seek to ally with– John McCain vouched for them. And that’s good enough for Brit…

John McCain, who’s been over there at least– thinks he knows them. And he says they’re not a bad lot. At least that’s the testimony of someone who’s been there.

For those unfamiliar with Brit Hume’s dark history of conserv-a-phobia…

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