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Alex Jones accurately describes Bill Clinton as “a disgusting creature” and “lying criminal”

Heartache: Ted Cruz won’t rule out being on a ticket with Chris Christie


Fat pig Candy Crowley asks Ted Cruz about his birth certificate

By MFP  August 25th, 2013

Candy Crowley, who looks like she just ate Syria, does her level-best to perpetuate the birther controversy…

Here is the clip of Candy Crowley quizzing Obama about his blatantly fake birth certificate…

If you’re keeping score at home…

- Congressional Research Service: Eligible
– Temple University Professor Peter Spiro: Eligible
– Byron York: Eligible
– Mark Levin: Eligible
– Rand Paul: Eligible
– Chris Matthews: Eligible
– Laura Ingraham: “Pretty sure”
– Ann Coulter: Undecided
– Chuck Todd: Undecided
– Donald Trump: Undecided
– Carl Cameron: Ineligible
– Birther Report: Ineligible

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