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Rush Limbaugh goofs on Dan from Dan’s Bake Sale again: “He started out a sponge and he ended up a sponge”

/ August 22, 2013 Tweet Email

Once again meeting and surpassing all audience expectations– our guiding light lamented that, despite his efforts, he could not ignite the spirit of capitalism and entrepreneurship within Dan…

He ran out of bake goods in the first 5 minutes! He was totally (unprepared).

The guy, despite…all the assistance, all the training, all of the exposure this guy got to capitalism– it just never took. He started out a sponge and he ended up a sponge.

Flashback: 8,000 At Dan’s Bake Sale — `Rushstock ’93’ A Conservative Feast…

Neither a seven-mile-long traffic jam nor a 20-minute downpour could keep away the conservative faithful.

The fans arrived in cars, planes and tour buses from nearly every state to show their support of the “bake sale” Limbaugh has hyped on his national radio show for two months.

Although he spoke for about 10 minutes, his disciples weren’t disappointed.

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