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Rush Limbaugh defends the Obama rodeo clown guy: “The President can dish it out but he can’t take it!”

Rush Limbaugh rebukes Newt Gingrich: “The American people don’t want a Republican alternative to Obamacare!”

WouldThat prostitute Eliot Spitzer choked, would ya…for $5K?


Ann Coulter: Harvard law professors should determine if Ted Cruz is eligibile for POTUS

/ August 14, 2013 Tweet Email

On Sean Hannity’s radio show Wednesday, a walking PSA about the dangers of anorexia nervosa promoted Harvard’s anti-American liberal professors, defended Alec Baldwin, and questioned Ted Cruz’ eligibility for POTUS…

We’ll have to have some Harvard law professors look at it.

Behold, the Alec Baldwin talk radio audition tape referenced above…

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