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Rand Paul: College costs keep rising because government keeps handing out subsidies to pay for it

Alex Jones accurately claims: Hitler never really invaded France

WouldDumb hicks thought Samara Weaving was an injured Trump supporter

Brad Thor accurately describes Piers Morgan as a “dickhead”

by MP July 20, 2013 Tweet Email

Reading fiction is for suckers. Wading through 10 pages of exposition for the purposes of imagining the equivalent of a 10 second scene on television is grossly inefficient– a curiosity of a time gone by.

But if you are going to waste your money on a book, and enrich an arrogant, self-important prick– you could do worse than Brad Thor…

“F*** you! Why do you need a porsche? D***head!”

The Blaze: Brad Thor justifiably offers to buy George Zimmerman a new gun…

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