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Chuck Todd: Ted Cruz only supports anti-rape bill to “soften his image” for 2016

Rush Limbaugh celebrates anniversary of Ted Kennedy driving off bridge at Chappaquiddick

WouldThat prostitute Eliot Spitzer choked, would ya…for $5K?

Rand Paul: Obama has “much less regard for civil liberties” than George W. Bush

by MP July 17, 2013 Tweet Email

Speaking to FreedomWorks about the Obama regime’s Stasi surveillance program…

“I wanna clap when I hear (Obama) talk about civil liberties because he sounds so good– but his policy doesn’t mirror what he says…”

Fear not, for liberals shall immediately revert back to calling anyone who defends the NDAA, PRISM, or drones “Nazis” 10 seconds into the next Republican President’s term– assuming Obama doesn’t forcibly detain all opposition to his tyranny in FEMA reeducation camps before then.

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