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George W. Bush kinda sorta endorses gay marriage

Rand Paul goofs on Rick Perry for being stupid: “There are three good reasons he could be President”

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Karl Rove accuses Justin Amash of being a RINO: “Far more liberal than any Republican”

/   July 8, 2013 Tweet Email

Justin Amash is, in the most literal sense, a conservative champion. For keeping his campaign promises (a capital crime on Capitol Hill) Congressman Amash has heroically endured all manner of humiliation and retaliation from John Boehner and his Stasi enforcers, Kevin McCarthy and Eric Cantor– from being stripped of his committee assignments to being publicly lambasted.

That Karl Rove– Karl Rove— would dare accuse any Republican of being too liberal, let alone Justin Amash– is the epitome of Orwellian and perverse beyond words…

“There’s this tension between the kind of libertarianism we’re seem here today…and a healthy future for the party…”

Let the NSA know you support Justin Amash.

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