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Tamara Holder tells Sean Hannity about her sexual preferences: “I like to, you know, do bad things”

Michael Savage convicts George Zimmerman: He was “praying to God he could find somebody to shoot”

WouldYou know who I want to make love to? This Trump supporter


Mark Levin: I know how to save America, but I can’t tell you how until my new book comes out

/ July 1, 2013 Tweet Email

A true patriot…

“I’m going to reveal the title of my book to you. I’m going to reveal generally what it’s about. I’m not going to get into a lot of specifics because the book itself isn’t released until August 13…”

Mark Levin Show July 1.

And don’t forget to waste your hard-earned money on his dad’s stupid coloring book…

Now, thank me!

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