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Alex Jones: Rubiocare “ends the country as we know it”

Media Matters accuses Rush Limbaugh of comparing Native Americans to animals in 3, 2, 1…

WouldI can’t think of an appropriate headline for this article


Matthew Dowd: Nobody should listen to Bill Kristol because he once said nice things about Sarah Palin

/ June 30, 2013 Tweet Email

Dowd, Bush-Cheney ’04 strategist

“I wouldn’t be taking political advice from Bill Kristol– who selected Sarah Palin as one of his leading figures of the national Republican Party, which was obviously a disaster…”

This Week June 30.

That Matthew Dowd just happened to debut his new stache the week after SCOTUS ruled against DOMA, and by extention, God’s will– could lead the less irreproachable to imply the stache is a subtle show of solidarity with his fellow degenerates.

Just saying…

Before SCOTUS ruled in favor of Luciferian depravity…


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