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Rand Paul incorrectly thinks SCOTUS ruling lets Americans “agree to disagree” on gay marriage

/   June 26, 2013 Tweet Email

America Live June 26.

SPOILER ALERT: If you do not want to know how America ends, read no further…

– DOMA ruling will embolden gay marriage activists.
– Gay marriage bans will be overturned in court.
– SCOTUS will find gay marriage bans discriminatory and unconstitutional within 10 years.
– Polygamy will be acceptable behavior within 10 years.
– Polygamy will be legal within 20 years.
– NAMBLA will gain popular support within 25 years.
– US law subject to UN tyranny within 50 years.
– FEMA camps for anyone who disparages homosexuality in private emails within 50 years.

* The above was ascertained through divine providence and is therefore indisputable.

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