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Rand Paul: I don’t believe the NSA’s claim that it prevented 50 terr

Michael Savage accurately describes the O’Reilly Factor as “the No Spine Zone”

Rand Paul accurately compares illegal NSA spying to lynching African-Americans

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Rand Paul: I don’t believe the NSA’s claim that it prevented 50 terrorist attacks by spying

By MFP  June 22nd, 2013

“I really don’t think we’ve caught anybody through any of this (NSA spying)…”

Behold: How the preposterous claim came about– based on MP’s intimate knowledge of bungling, bureaucratic buffoonery…

- Snowden leaks.
- Obama embarrassed.
- Obama high-level staffers (Denis McDonough, Valerie Jarrett, etc.) yell at NSA lifetime bureaucrats
- Lindsey Graham and Mike Rogers’ Chiefs of Staff also yell at NSA lifetime bureaucrats
- NSA lifetime bureaucrats yell at NSA mid-level staffers
- NSA mid-level staffers get the distinct impression that they better find some justification for NSA spying, and fast
- NSA mid-level staffers yell at discouraged analysts with no-morale
- Discouraged analysts with no-morale shoddily stretch the truth because no one can verify anything anyway
- NSA lifetime bureaucrats relieved to finally get WH and Congress off their backs
- Unverifiable propaganda disseminated to liberal media allies and neocon outlets.

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