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Rand Paul: Corker-Hoeven amendment is “watered-down” border security

Rand Paul: I don’t believe the NSA’s claim that it prevented 50 terrorist attacks by spying

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Michael Savage accurately describes the O’Reilly Factor as “the No Spine Zone”

/   June 22, 2013 Tweet Email

On Friday, Savage took a shot at Propaganda Minister Bill O’Reilly, for his endorsement of Rubiocare— the anti-American, middle class-killing, liberty-extinguishing amnesty plan from hell…

“He banned me from Fox News…Bill O’Leprechaun…”

It’s not the first time Bill O’Reilly has embraced his inner-fascist. In April, O’Reilly proposed a Soviet-style federal gun registry, arrogantly dismissing Second Amendment concerns as right-wing “paranoia”.

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