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Michael Savage goofs on Rand Paul for being short: “Elevator shoes”

Sarah Palin: Rubiocare is “a pandering…still-no-border-security, special-interest-written amnesty bill”

WouldHandy chart: Samantha Manning got hot again

Pat Buchanan: Syria intervention “has Tonkin Gulf written all over it”

by MP June 15, 2013 Tweet Email

In his typically reserved manner, Pat Buchanan suggested that the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime is a “false flag” concocted by powerful interests to drag the United States into war…

“I think this was made up..false flag…”

McLaughlin Group June 14.

As Senator Paul put it: The United States is preparing to aid Syrian rebels allied with al-Qaeda “while they burn the American flag and mobs chant ‘death to America’…

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