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Glenn Beck: Rubiocare is worse than Obamacare, “it is the death knell of the country”

Karl Rove mentions the entire population of Earth as potential GOP presidential candidates…except Rand Paul

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Rush Limbaugh: Marco Rubio is “insulting my intelligence”, “taking advantage of my goodwill”

/   June 13, 2013 Tweet Email

In January, Marco Rubio promised Rush Limbaugh that he would walk away from any immigration bill that did not make legalization contingent on border security.

As late as April 29, Rush Limbaugh was still clinging to the fantasy that Marco Rubio would keep his word. On Thursday, it became evident that he would not.

El Rushbo was not amused…

When I think I’m being played or somebody is insulting my intelligence or taking advantage of my goodwill, it saddens me…I should’ve known, but I held out hope that what we were being told was actually the truth.

Rush Limbaugh Show June 13.

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