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Michael Savage backs Edward Snowden: “He is a hero! He should be winning a Nobel Prize for what he did!”

Charles Krauthammer mocks Rand Paul: “People don’t walk around with a sign saying ‘I’m a terrorist'”

WouldUPDATE: “Trump staffer has amazing, luxurious body” controversy settled once and for all

Michael Savage rants: “Lipstick with legs” Dana Perino is “jealous” of Edward Snowden

by MP June 10, 2013 Tweet Email

Monday on The Five, Propaganda Mistress Dana Perino not only defended the Obama regime’s Stasi surveillance program– she condemned Edward Snowden for “helping terrorists”. To this, Savage exploded with righteously sexist fury…

“Shame on all of you empty skirts! You’re nothing more than lipstick with a pair of legs on it!”

Watch: Dana Perino claims Edward Snowden violated her civil liberties…

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