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Fox News airs footage of Rand Paul spitting out food during his filibuster for no reason

Rush Limbaugh: GOP must keep the House in 2014, “even if they’re RINOs”

WouldTrump-hating feminazi, would ya?


Rand Paul: Maybe Obama needs some “remedial education” courses on the Constitution

/ June 7, 2013 Tweet Email

Rand Paul told Olivier Knox (whose parents were clearly pretentious d-bags) of Yahoo News that the Obama Administration clearly needs to brush up on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…

“We’re sifting through too many peoples’ records. It’s a violation of the Bill of Rights. We need to have a better and more thorough understanding of the Fourth Amendment…”

Biggest takeaway?

Rand Paul pronounces “Yahoo” “Yeah-Hoo”

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