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Mark Levin: Some cops are “punks”

Venomous witch Nicolle Wallace mocks critics of NSA spying: “What are you so mad about?”

WouldBen Carson supporters hotter than you might expect

Mark Shields to fellow liberals: Would you still be defending NSA spying if Donald Trump was President?

Barack Obama will likely declare himself emperor in 2016– but on the off chance that he decides to accede to the rule of law for the first time his life, future Presidents will inherit Obama’s ever-expanding executive powers…

I would just say to my friends on the Left who defend this– could you imagine the same kind of power and authority with a President Donald Trump with a President Rick Perry with a President Rick Santorum?

PBS News Hour June 7.

* The following clip has been edited for time as per MP’s loose journalistic standards.

Karl Rove would: “It was entirely legitimate”

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