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Ted Cruz: Rubiocare “would make the problem worse”

Ted Cruz: Obama sees the Constitution as nothing more than a “pesky obstruction”

Would Smash
State Dept. spokesbimbo Marie Harf’s husband is so beta

Mark Levin accurately claims: “Lindsey Graham supports fascism”

“Oh Mr. Democracy Project— except when it comes to America!”

Mark Levin Show June 6.

We’re all Rand Paul now…

This AM: Lindsey Graham praises Eric Holder for spying on Americans…

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OMG: A real life “She’s All That” Laney Boggs nerd!
Fox News: “The best communicator in American politics today”
Rand Paul: Bakers have the right to refuse service to gays
Bobby Jindal’s new Chancellor Palpatine haircut sucks
Rush Limbaugh defends Marco Rubio from “tin foil hat” callers: “He’s not anybody’s puppet!”
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