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Piers Morgan: Obama is “worse” than George W. Bush on civil liberties

Fox News airs footage of Rand Paul spitting out food during his filibuster for no reason


Karl Rove defends NSA spying: “It was entirely legitimate”

/   June 6, 2013 Tweet Email

“I understand why people are nervous about it…but we need to divorce the Obama White House from the national security agency…”

On The Record June 6.

Since 2001, al-Qaeda has killed 4,000 Americans.

Karl Rove, in aiding and abetting Obama– is robbing 300 million Americans and all future generations to follow of the gift of liberty.

Karl Rove is, in the most literal sense, 75,000x worse than Osama bin Laden.

Flashback: Karl Rove attacks Rand Paul, defends the Muslim Brotherhood…

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