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That’s weird: Evan Bayh urges intervention is Syria, Laura Ingraham argues against it

Gwen Ifill blames the victim: James Rosen wanted “secret information for secret information’s sake”

Would Smash
Handy chart: Rand Paul was better-looking than Kelley Paul until approximately 1988


Burn: David Plouffe insists liberal groups were targeted by the IRS too…but he can’t name any

“Oh really!? Name one! Name one!”

This Week June 2.

And yes, liberal d-bag, I can name a Tea Party group targeted by the IRS: Tea Party Patriots, founded by the very attractive (for her age) Jenny Beth Martin.

And on a completely irrelevant note: Karl Rove is a lot taller than David Plouffe…

Flashback: Karl Rove lied about working for Ronald Reagan

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