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Alex Jones accurately describes Anderson Cooper as a “bastard”, “piece of trash”

Rand Paul to Iowa conservatives: If you make gay marriage a federal issue, “you’re probably going to lose”

WouldSasha Grey voted for Bernie Sanders in CA primary

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Fmr. Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson on Benghazi: “Even at the worst, this is not Watergate”

/ May 11, 2013 Tweet Email

This is what passes for conservatism on PBS…

“It’s worth pointing out at the outset– even at the worst, this is not Watergate…”

PBS News Hour May 10.


Ambassadors killed: 1
Total killed: 4
Number injured: Up to 30
U.S. diplomatic outposts destroyed: 1

Ambassadors killed: 0
Total killed: 0
Number injured: 0
U.S. diplomatic outposts destroyed: 0

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