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Sean Hannity cuts off caller for criticizing Roger Ailes: “I’m not going to put up with it”

Kirsten Powers tells Sean Hannity: “Guys don’t want to wear condoms, Sean!”

WouldNerdy Hillary Clinton precinct captain, would ya?

RINO Bimbo

Sean Hannity threatens to name skirt-chasing Republicans: “Knock it off!”

/ May 10, 2013 Tweet Email

On Friday, Sean Hannity lashed out at the “incestuous” relationship between the Washington elite, the GOP establishment, and the mainstream media…

This incestuous, sick, twisted relationship between the media and the Washington culture.

There are some people– Republicans– that I may soon have to point out that are out there way too late at night, drinking too much booze, hanging out with women they ought not be hangin’ out with.

Sean Hannity Show May 10.

I’m gonna go ahead and make some irresponsible, but probably accurate guesses: Jeff The Flake, John Boehner, and Kevin McCarthey (for sure).

Flashback: Sean Hannity sucks up to Marxist collaborator John Boehner…

I heard you’re a good golfer!?

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