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Mark Levin attacks Paul Ryan for supporting Marco Rubio’s amnesty plan, but not Marco Rubio for writing it

Rand Paul’s wife Kelley looked really hot at the Time 100 Gala

Chris Matthews describes Kermit Gosnell’s clinic as “a lousy place”

Apr. 24, 2013

This was the best that the typically histrionic, spittle-ridden, raving lunatic Chris Matthews could come up with to describe the Hitler of babies, Kermit Gosnell

“This guy, based on what I’ve seen, would not be the one you’d rely on for judgment of any quality…”

Hardball April 23.

Matthews’ willingness to name-call and impugn motives are reserved instead for his political opponents…

More: MSNBC blames conservatives for Kermit Gosnell’s atrocities

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