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Mark Levin defends his pathetic interview with Marco Rubio: “You think I’m going to be rude to him!?”

Sarah Palin and Rand Paul ruin Joe Scarborough’s morning

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Michael Savage wonders if the Boston Marathon bombing was an inside job: “Was this the Reichstag Fire?”

By MFP  April 18th, 2013

Savage finds authorities’ refusal to respond to Info Wars’ questions to be suspicious, and leads him to wonder if this could be America’s Reichstag fire

“Something is wrong with this picture…”

Savage Nation April 18.

(* This clip has been edited for brevity.)

Although I have no doubt that Obama would happily authorize a lethal government conspiracy– I do not believe incompetent government bureaucrats are capable of executing such a plan, nor would they be able to keep it secret.

And so with respect to Boston, MP errs on the side of garden-variety evil.

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