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Philadelphia Phillies’ Jonathan Papelbon: “Obama wants to take our guns”

Ugh: RINO wimp Ralph Reed endorses Marco Rubio’s amnesty plan


Barf: Mark Levin sucks up to La Raza operative Marco Rubio

By MFP  April 17th, 2013

I should’ve known it probably wasn’t going to be a hard-hitting interview when it started out like this…

Rubio: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Levin: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Rubio: Ha! Oh, oh…

Levin: First of all, we’re friends. I want everyone to know that…

Oh, brother hermano…

Mark Levin Show April 17.

That “interview” almost makes Steve Kroft look like a legitimate journalist.

Me, listening to that garbage…

Listen: Jim DeMint opposes Marco Rubio’s amnesty plan

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