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Charles Krauthammer doesn’t care about Cyprus: “I think it’s okay…couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of gangsters”

Ron Paul believes in traditional marriage: “That is what I think is best”

WouldTrump Iowa campaign co-chairwoman Tana Goertz, would ya?

Bill Kristol doesn’t care if young people back gay marriage: “You know what? Young people are sometimes wrong!”

“This kind of pathetic attempt…as if they’re going respect you if you just embrace the views of some 26-year-old who doesn’t know anything…”

Via The Weekly Standard…

I concur, insofar as, young people are really dumb. Imagine a world wherein young people taught adults how to drive, or cross the street, or tie their shoes.

Even though old people look disgusting? Informed experience should not be so easily discounted, nor should thousands of years of near-uniform cross-cultural tradition, only to appease the desires of those whose opinions have not yet fully formed.

Flashback: Young voters is the cornerstone of George McGovern’s election strategy

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