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Pat Buchanan warns: If amnesty passes, the GOP can kiss Texas goodbye

Rand Paul asked Joseph Farah to accompany him to Israel

Would Smash
Dumb CBS reporter that deleted her Rand Paul tweet is hot

Michelle Malkin calls out Marco Rubio for “posing as a Tea Party spokesman”

Marco Rubio has spent the last 3 years throwing the Tea Party under the bus, in preparation for a failed presidential campaign…

Aside from your humble author-slash-political Yoda, few have had the cojones to call out the GOP’s golden boy. But Michelle Malkin has finally had enough of Marco Rubio’s crap…

“Why don’t you shut up about illegal amnesty, and make sure that the border is secure?”

Fox & Friends March 28.

Thank you, Michelle!

Mildly related flashback: Alex Jones screams at Michelle Malkin…

A public tantrum by a large, hysterical child/man towards a petite, dignified journalist. Malkin, trying to do her job as a reporter, displayed extraordinary calm and courage.

Read more about the confrontation HERE.

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