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Bob Beckel praises Rand Paul: “He’s a lot smarter and a better politician than I gave him credit for”

Ann Coulter hates Rand Paul: “His two objectives are legalizing pot and amnesty for illegals”

WouldHandy chart: Katie Pavlich is a country music 9/10

Erection 2016

Ann Coulter says Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are too short to be President: “You can’t run a short candidate!”

/ March 25, 2013 Tweet Email

“Rubio and Rand Paul are as tall as my iPod…”

Hannity March 25.

Because having the taller candidate worked out so well last time…

They look about the same height. But according to the internetz (which, as we know is never wrong): Mitt Romney is 6’2, Obama 6’1.

Flashback: Ann Coulter rules out Rand Paul because he is “freakishly short”…

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