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Ralph Hallow: How Rand Paul convinced Israeli conservatives that less foreign aid was actually a good thing

Karl Rove trashes Sarah Palin: “I wouldn’t leave office mid-term”


Bill Maher complains about high taxes: “It’s outrageous!”

By MFP  March 16th, 2013

When Bill Maher isn’t making misogynistic remarks about Sarah Palin’s children, or bigoted comments about Mitt Romney and Mormons, he’s being a hypocritical d-bag…

“Rich people actually do pay the freight in this country…I just wanna say, liberals? You could actually lose me…”

Real Time w/ Bill Maher March 16.

I’m just like…


This is the same man (using the term loosely) that donated $1 million for higher taxes to Obama’s super PAC…

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