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Heartache: Charles Krauthammer sides with Dianne Feinstein over Ted Cruz

Rush Limbaugh lashes out at GOP consultants: “While Republicans continue to lose…the consultants are getting rich!”

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Rand Paul calls for a Flax Tax and eliminating the Department of Education in mom jeans

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On Thursday, Rand Paul didn’t declare his candidacy for POTUS. But he did declare his intention to eventually declare his candidacy.

In a bold, substantive speech, Rand Paul called for a Flat Tax and eliminating the Department of Indoctrination…

And it only got better…

2nd Amendment:

We need to jealously guard our liberties.

Drug legalization:

Ask the Facebook generation, whether we should put a kid in jail for the non-violent crime for drug use, and you’ll hear a resounding ‘no’.


There is nothing conservative about bailing out Wall Street.

Economic stimulus:

The only stimulus proven to work is leaving more money in the hands of those who earned it…

I’m just like…

Meanwhile, La Raza operative Marco Rubio told more water jokes. To paraphrase the junior senator…

The mainstream media is picking on meeeee! I mean, all I did was drink some water!!!! Wahhhhhh!!! Feel sorry for me while I pass amnesty right under your nose!

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