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Fantastic: CPAC to push the McCain-Rubio amnesty plan

Mar. 5, 2013

The United States accepts 1 million legal immigrants as permanent residents per year, more than all other nations on planet Earth combined. But that’s not good enough for the organizers of CPAC…

En Espanol, ACU Chairman Al Cardenas says his organization will be using CPAC to push the McCain-Rubio amnesty plan…

Via Shark Tank…

(Turn on CC English subtitles)

The most opportune time for us, as conservatives, to stimulate the conservative electorate to support this immigration measure.

The once-great American Conservative Union (ACU), which runs CPAC, has been infiltrated by establishment cronies. This is an organization that, in 2012, gave Mitch McConnell a higher conservative rating than the great Jim DeMint.

Erick Erickson was not amused: The American Conservative Union’s Embarrassing Scorecard…

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican Leader with a history of undermining conservatives in the Senate, has a 100% score for 2012.

Mitch McConnell…

  • voted to keep the Essential Air Service program that conservatives annually ridicule as a waste;
  • voted to continue federal student loan subsidization at a ridiculously low rate;
  • voted for a massive highway increase;
  • voted several times in favor of parliamentary changes in the Senate that undermine conservatives' abilities to stop bad legislation;
  • voted for the debt ceiling increase;
  • voted to keep market distorting energy tax credits and subsidies;
  • voted to let a $41 billion bailout of the post office go to the floor of the Senate; and
  • voted for a host of temporary spending measures designed to kick the can down the road to no end

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