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Adam Carolla mocks Gavin Newsom for claiming to come from a disadvantaged background

/   March 4, 2013 Tweet Email

Last week, Adam Carolla and Gavin Newsom got into a somewhat heated debate about the root causes of poverty, during which Gavin Newsom pulled the “I came from a broken home” card.

Adam Carolla had a few things to say upon learning that Newsom’s background wasn’t as tough as he had implied…

Newsom is a fourth-generation San Franciscan. His father is of Irish descent, while one of his maternal great-grandfathers, Scotsman Thomas Addis, was a pioneer scientist in the field of nephrology and a professor of medicine at Stanford University. His father, William Alfred Newsom III, is a retired state appeals court Justice. Newsom’s parents separated when he was two and divorced in 1972.

While Newsom later reflected that he did not have an easy childhood, he attended kindergarten and first grade at the French-American bilingual school in San Francisco.

Adam Carolla Podcast March 4.

Listen: Adam Carolla vs. Gavin Newsom

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