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Marco Rubio’s cynical pandering knows no bounds: opines on rappers Tupac, Lil Wayne, and Wu-Tang clan

Tamara Holder to Sean Hannity: “The majority of your supporters are either fat or obese!”

WouldI would join the Peace Corps. for Chelsea the Code Pink protester

Bwahahaha: S.E. Cupp threatens to boycott CPAC even though nobody cares if she goes or not

S.E. Cupp is refusing to grace CPAC with her presence unless GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans are allowed to…come…

“I’ve been scheduled to speak at CPAC this year and I just don’t think I can until this issue is reconciled…”

The Cycle February 26.


The ego on her. Can you imagine what her Rorschach test must be like?

“A crown…”
“A statue of me…”
“An emerald scepter…”
“My loyal subjects…”

Flashback: Fake conservative S.E. Cupp trashes Rush Limbaugh again

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