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Why Obama’s universal preschool proposal is an undeniably stupid waste of money

Universal preschools.

Presumably, because American schools aren’t producing excellent students. Except, they are…

For decades, millions of newly-immigrated Chinese, Indian, Korean, Loatian, and Vietnamese children– despite wearing raggedy clothes, living in the worst part of town, barely speaking English, and being the victims of daily racism, bullying, and domestic abuse– have excelled in American schools.

So much so that California has been forced to institute reverse affirmative action policies to artificially lower the number of Asian students in its UC system…

A new admissions policy set to take effect at the University of California system in three years is raising fears among Asian-Americans that it will reduce their numbers on campus, where they account for a remarkable 40 percent of all undergraduates.

University officials say the new standards — the biggest change in UC admissions since 1960 — are intended to widen the pool of high school applicants and make the process more fair.

Harvard and Princeton too…

Ambitious and disciplined students from India, South Korea and China see themselves as victims of race-conscious admissions, their numbers kept artificially low to keep a more demographically balanced campus. A lawsuit pending against Princeton alleges discrimination on grounds that applicants from other ethnic or racial groups were admitted with lesser credentials. The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights also received complaints last year against Princeton and, since withdrawn, Harvard.

  • Despite not adhering to the “30 kids per classroom rule”
  • Despite not having layers of bureaucracy
  • Despite teachers that have not attended endless government-subsidized seminars and workshops
  • Despite not having highly paid teachers
  • And despite not having universal preschools
  • Asian schools, some of which are literally made out of mud, have produced students that, when placed in American schools, regularly outperform their American counterparts.

    America is tied for first in the world in education spending: $11,000 per student. Federal and state spending combined, $1 trillion annually.

    Clearly, the problem isn’t America’s schools. The problem is Americans, specifically, the spoiled, self-entitled brats that populate the school system and their parents.

    Obama’s universal preschool proposal does nothing to solve America’s so-called education crisis. But it does engender support from low-information voters, particularly bored housewives (which, more than likely, is the actual goal).

    The lack of a coherent response from mainstream conservatism is a symbol of its acquiescence to liberal ideology…

    • Marco Rubio: :crickets:
    • Bobby Jindal: :crickets:
    • Jeb Bush: loves it
    • Chris Christie: loves it

    And no, this doesn’t count.