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Obama royalist Lindsey Graham supports Obama’s right to kill American citizens without a trial

Finally: Melissa Harris-Perry and a panel of failed, liberal comedians tell us which racist jokes are funny and which aren’t


Bryan Fischer: Pornography isn’t protected under the First Amendment

By MFP  February 19th, 2013

“There is absolutely no– zero, nada, zip– protection for pornography or profanity or vulgarity or obscenity under the First Amendment…”

Focal Point February 18.

My online proclivities aside, I dare say it is not a good idea to give government bureaucrats, most of whom have endured 12+ years of uncontested liberal propaganda in America’s corrupt education system, more power to ban speech based on what they deem “obscene” or “profane”. Enduring speech we do not agree with or condone is the small price we pay for liberty.

Michael Savage: “Pornography must be banned in America!”

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