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Lying scumbag Karl Rove implies he supported Rand Paul’s 2010 Tea Party candidacy

Bryan Fischer: Pornography isn’t protected under the First Amendment

Obama royalist Lindsey Graham supports Obama’s right to kill American citizens without a trial

Feb. 17, 2013

Via Mediaite…

“Any American citizen who aids Al Qaeda should be treated as an enemy combatant not a common criminal…”

1. Without judicial oversight, how do we know that John or Jane Akbar is guilty of what the executive claims they’re guilty of?

2. If congress and the judiciary cede the power to assassinate American citizens without trial to the executive branch– then they have conferred upon the executive the powers of a king.

3. If, in fact, drones would not be used on American citizens on American soil– why not just say so? Why has Obama reserved the right to carry out such attacks?

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