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Michael Savage backs Obama’s illegal drone strikes: “Obama is right”

Pat Buchanan isn’t a fan of Karl Rove’s anti-Tea Party group either

Brent Bozell isn’t a fan of Karl Rove’s anti-Tea Party group: “Their record is of disastrous results”

Feb. 6, 2013

The nephew of William F. Buckley weighs in…

“Karl Rove and Steven Law should retire from politics…”

Laura Ingraham February 6.

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Peter Schiff photobombs Rand Paul

If you don’t know who Peter Schiff is– don’t worry about it. It’s not important…

Actually, polls taken 2 years before election day are remarkably accurate
Rand Paul staffer Jillian Lane: Hot chick that surrounds herself with ugly women
Marco Rubio’s new book cover, revised for accuracy
Chris Christie defends appointment of radical jihadist Sohail Mohammed to NJ Supreme Court
Magic Johnson “very proud” of his emotionally deranged son
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