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Chris Matthews: The Tea Party doesn’t like fighting AIDS in Africa

Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: “You are so full of crap”

Would Smash
Julia Chatterly threatens Sara Eisen’s reign as Hottest Chick on Cable News

Mark Levin to Karl Rove and Steven Law: “Screw off”

“Who the hell died and named Karl Rove Queen!?”

Mark Levin Show February 4.

The Karl Rove “hand puppet” referenced above, Steven Law…

Steven J. Law is President and CEO of American Crossroads, and President of its sister organization CrossroadsGPS

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Ben Carson calls for fingerprint locks on guns
Alex Jones’ “Take Your Vaccines and Die” song

Callista grooms Newt

I bet she’s great in the sack.

Mark Levin endorses Rand Paul’s PRE-flip-flop position on foreign aid to Israel
Where are they now? Hot autistic chick Alexis Wineman

Petition: Repeal and replace Marxist collaborators John Boehner and Mitch McConnell

Do your patriotic duty…

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