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Jason Mattera to Mayor Bloomberg: “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm?”

Sean Hannity turns his show into an infomercial for Marco Rubio’s Amnesty plan

WouldJeb Bush accurately claims Supergirl is hot


Joe Scarborough rejoices in Sarah Palin leaving Fox News: “We have been clumsy and stupid for too long”

by MP January 28, 2013 Tweet Email

“Sarah Palin represented a time and place…and that time is passing very quickly…”

Morning Joe January 28.

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Flashback: Joe Scarborough caught lying about his radio show being cancelled…

In the following clip, Joe Scarborough tries to save face by claiming that his show would be off the air temporarily for “reformatting”. At the 6:00 mark, Don Imus exposes Scarborough for the liar that he is…