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Miss America contestant Alexis Wineman doesn’t let autism keep her from being hot

MP officially protests decision to crown Mallory Hagan Miss America 2013

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Michael Savage warns listeners about the flu vaccine: “Not everything your government tells you is true”

/   January 12, 2013 Tweet Email

“Did Barack Obama take a flu shot? Did Barack Obama’s lovely family take a flu shot? Did Joe Biden take a flu shot?”

Savage Nation January 11.

You’ve been warned: Formaldehyde (ingredient in flu vaccine) added to list of carcinogens…

The government on Friday added formaldehyde, a substance found in plastics and other commonly used products, to a list of known carcinogens and warned that the chemical styrene might cause cancer.

Flashback: Michael Savage justifiably wonders if Sandy Hook was part of a government conspiracy to seize guns

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