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Allen West: Obama is a “Marxist, socialist, rigid ideologue”

Cathie Adams accurately claims “Obama has got to have a teleprompter because he fried his brain on drugs”

Mike Rosen tries to reason with psychotic liberal David Sirota, hilarity ensues

This is David Sirota…

He’s stupid and completely insane. But 850 KOA’s Mike Rosen tries to reason with him anyway…

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Amy Schumer: Every woman has been “a little raped”

“I don’t remember yelling ‘yes’…there’s a gray area of rape…”

La Raza PAC launches first 2016 ad
Bwahahaha: Bobby Jindal tweets pictures of himself posing heroically with border agents
The Blaze’s Amy Holmes’ 1980’s old detective guy glasses
John Kasich felt religious responsibility to expand Medicaid and implement Obamacare
Poll finds Marco Rubio would have to slaughter a baby panda on live TV to lose support of low-information Republicans
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