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Chris Matthews to the GOP: “Can I give you some advice? Run Christie”

Greg Gutfeld speaks at the Reagan Library

Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette debate gay marriage

Dec. 10, 2012



Penn Jillette is another one of these liberals in libertarian clothing: “See, I’m not just a big, fat oaf that does magic tricks! I’m a deep thinker!”

Flashback: Fake libertarian Penn Jillette trashes Rush Limbaugh

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Alex Jones accurately impersonates government-worshiping authoritarian cops

“Government said kill my baby– I will! Kill that baby! Jesus said so!”

Rand Paul looks super bored during Marco Rubio’s bizarre neocon rant
Rand Paul hates “non-legitimate” journalists with websites
Alex Jones sings the “Osama bin Laden, we love you so much” song
Bill de Blasio’s family look like the cast of The Wire
WaPo’s Colby Itkowitz not as hot as her avatar suggests
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