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Chris Matthews to the GOP: “Can I give you some advice? Run Christie”

Greg Gutfeld speaks at the Reagan Library

Would Smash
Top 20 Hottest Women in Politics: 5-3


Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette debate gay marriage



Penn Jillette is another one of these liberals in libertarian clothing: “See, I’m not just a big, fat oaf that does magic tricks! I’m a deep thinker!”

Flashback: Fake libertarian Penn Jillette trashes Rush Limbaugh

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To be fair, 27-year-old Hillary Clinton had nice knockers
EMS worker that tried to save Eric Gardner’s life was so hot
Fake libertarian John Stossel: “Blacks are a special case”
Stone Cold Steve Austin recalls working with Donald Trump

Amy Schumer: Every woman has been “a little raped”

“I don’t remember yelling ‘yes’…there’s a gray area of rape…”

Katy Tur’s sexy head tilt during report on Donald Trump
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